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Banks County Elementary School

Vision Statement

Educating and Empowering for Success.
Mission Statement
The Banks County School System will meet and exceed the expectations of the people we serve by:
  • Providing a foundation for lifelong learning
  • Fostering responsible citizenship
  • Maximizing individual potential
Guiding Principles
Developing positive attitudes by:
  • Focusing on success for all student
  • Promoting a climate of high expectations, respect, and dignity
 Providing resources by:
  • Recruitin g,employing, and nurturing dedicated, highly qualified, and professional employees who adhere to professionally recognized standards and board policies
  • Ensuring a safe, healthy environment for students, teachers, and staff
  • Offering the highest quality instructional resources and tools
 Improving student achievement by:
  • Implementing a challenging curriculum relevant to the lives of students
  • Emphasizing democratic classroom processes in which students learn independently and through group work while learning to value diversity
  • Promoting continuous improvement through cooperation among students, parents, educators, and the community
Dr. Leigh Ann Perry
Dr. Leigh Ann Perry serves as Banks County Elementary School's Principal. She has served as Banks County Elementary School's assistant principal for the past two years. This is her first year as BCES Principal.
She earned her Ed. D in Educational Leadership from the University of Georgia, her M.A .in Elementary Education from Piedmont University, and her B.S. in Sociology from the University of North Georgia. 
She is married to her husband, Jeff, and has a daughter named Anna. She enjoys spending time with her family, being outdoors, reading, and learning.