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New IXL Learning Program

We’re using IXL to support our curriculum this year, and your child can access this online program at home. With thousands of skills that match what we’re learning and insights into student progress, IXL is a great resource to help your child excel.
Sept Recognition

Banks County Board of Education Recognizes Athletes

Several athletes were given special recognition during the recent board of education meeting. These athletes demonstrated outstanding performance in a Banks County Olympics program last May. The board expressed their pride in the athletes' abilities and praised their dedication to their sport. The athletes were presented with certificates of achievement.
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Dr. Leigh Ann Perry

Principal's Message

Dear Banks County Families,
It is an honor and privilege to serve as Banks County Elementary School's principal.  Our school is committed to providing a foundation for lifelong learning, fostering citizenship, and maximizing our students' potential.  We have caring teachers and support staff who are dedicated to serving the needs of our students.  I am committed to creating an exceptional learning environment for our students while striving for excellence in all areas.  I am thankful for the partnership with our parents and community. 
Dr. Leigh Ann Perry
Banks County Elementary School