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August Students of the Month

Banks County Elementary School recognized its Students of the Month with a pizza party, a special dessert, and a certificate this week. Students gathered in the media center during lunch to celebrate!


3rd Grade Students:

Homeroom Teacher/Student

Ansley Crabbe -Addison Boyer

Hillary  Ryals- Amelia Morgan          

Erika Boyle-Ayden Meiburg 

Christy Pruitt-Brayen Callicutt          

Kelsey Charles/ Kelsey Massey- Emma Kate Sliauter          

Penny Elrod-Emmalynn Edwards     

Sherry Angel-Landon Campbell        

Elizabeth  Peppers-Lane Pirkle         

Jennifer Morris/Kaitlyn Venable-McKenzie Parker  

Rhonda Rylee-Morgen Angel

Jessica Howard-Reid Brown 


3rd Grade Student of the Month


4th Grade Students:

Abby Elrod/ Michelle Moran Jeremiaah Triplett      

Coach Mack-Cayden Wilson 

Abby Elrod-Charlie Williams

Wendy Fuschetti-Evie Purcell           

Sara Chitwood/LaRue Evans Isaiah Curry   

Brian Gilreath/Tina Barber     Jaxson Wagoner         

Marie Williams-Luz Rosillo  

McKenna Lord-Noah Waldrep          

Chantay Milford-Parker Bryant         

Purcell Remington Garrison   

 4th Grade Students of the Month

5th Grade Students:

Lora Millwood-Janelly Garcia           

Heather Cash-Ally Moore     

Sandy Crenshaw -Bailey Worley      

Tonya Campbell-Charley Standridge

Chelsea Pendrey-JW Mitchell           

Amoreena Vandiver-Marilu Molina-Veronico          

Christy Beasley-Michael Sparks       

Nicole Spear-Shantell Millsap           

Whitney Goodson-Tiffany Bailey     


5th Grade Students of the Month